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Some quick hits from around the NFL.


There’s some concern in the 49ers world about their poor performance in the preseason. The Niners have been blasted in back to back games, suffering from almost non-existent offensive output. Of course, the word out of the 49ers camp is that there’s nothing to worry about but it’s hard to be optimistic when you’re getting blasted by multiple touchdowns every week. It’s obviously a devious Harbaugh scheme to catch everyone off guard.

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Tonight, Monday night, the Cleveland Browns will be in Washington and all eyes are of course on Johnny Manziel. The latest rumors have him ahead of Brian Hoyer. That’s hard to imagine but it’s not hard to see the Cleveland Browns deciding to bite the bullet, play Manziel, and hope it benefits them in the future.

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The Atlanta Falcons took a big hit when Sam Baker, left tackle, was lost for the season. Now, Matt Ryan will be depending on a rookie, albeit a very promising rookie, to protect his blind side.

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Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints took a ton of heat about continuing his goalpost celebration in the preseason. Graham however, is adamant that he understand the difference between preseason games and the real thing and when the regular season starts the celebrations end.

Speaking of the Saints, quarterback Drew Brees is expected to play in the Saints game against the Colts on Saturday. Brees has missed the first two games with a strained oblique muscle.

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