Flaco in a Good Spot

by on February 18, 2013 updated February 18, 2013


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Consider the position of Joe Flaco. When it comes to negotiating a contract timing is everything. There are many players out there who decide to ride their contract out and seek free agency. In some cases it works out. They put in a decent season and up their market value. Others end up in the opposite track, performing poorly or getting injured and are left with  amuch weaker position.

But Joe Flaco, he’s got it in the bag. A quick look at his past record would seem to put Flaco in a good spot anyway. he’s been bringing the Ravens to the NFL playoffs every season after all, the first quarterback to do so in the first years of his career. But he’s drawn an inordinate amount of criticism for some reason. The Baltimore Ravens made some halfhearted attempts to re-sign him last season but Flaco steadfastly refused to ink the dotted line, choosing instead to gamble everything on 2012.

And now it’s paid off. The Baltimore Ravens went out and won the Super Bowl on an MVP worth performance from Flaco, who stepped up his game throughout the playoffs and in the Super Bowl itself. Now he’s going to enter negotiations from about as strong a position as any quarterback could ask for. Joe Flaco will receive money somewhere in the neighborhood of Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. You can bank on that and so can Flaco.


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