Fining Tiger Woods – Pennies from Princes

by on August 11, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

OOOOH, Tiger Woods actually said something that the PGA didn’t like. It seems that during the recent Bridgestone Invitational, Woods and fellow golfer Padraig Harrington, were notified that they were on the clock, lagging too far behind the other golfers. Apparently Woods felt that this was a contributing factor in Harrington’s triple bogey collapse, that the inability to think out his shots somehow impaired Harringtons game. He’s probably right. But the fact that he was playing Tiger Woods may have put a little pressure on him also.

¬†Anyway, Woods alluded to this and now the PGA will fine him for daring to say something about officiating. Players can’t do this you know. The point is, how much do you have to fine Tiger Woods for him to feel it? Would say, $50 million be enough? The guy is practically untouchable in a monetary way. Tiger Woods can say what he wants. You can’t fine him enough money to hurt.

¬†Anyway, the PGA Championship begins this week at Hazeltine. And guess who’s the defending champion? Padraig Harrington! Who will be the 2009 PGA Champion? Call me crazy but I’m looking for John Daly to once again burst from the pack, munching chicken wings and guzzling a suspicious beverage, and claim the crown. But I’m a sentimental guy.

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