Final Four Figuring

by on March 11, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 So who do I figure will be in the Final Four. Can’t tell you that. I, like millions of other college basketball fans, figure to win a gajillion dollars in my pool and revealing my picks would jeapordize that. I will however, go over a few teams being lauded by the national media rankings. The winner however, will be an upset.

Memphis – Gotta love em. They’re 30-1

NC Tarheels – Still lotsa love at 29-2

MY Favorite Longshot – Winthrop

Duke – My son loves the Blue Devils. Chris Duhon is from our hometown and coached him at basketball camps for a few years.

Georgetown – Somehow this always seems like a political pic.

Tennessee Volunteers – My favorite SEC team this year and as long as they keep winning.

UCLA – Despite being on the west coast I still like this team

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