Final Four and March Madness- No Hype Just Reality

by on March 23, 2009 updated March 23, 2009

 Madness is when the same thing keeps happening and nobody understands it. There are always high hopes entering a NCAA Tournament and that’s a good thing. But the gap between football greatness and basketball greatness has never been wider. While gridiron winning brings in tons of money and national attention, basketball greatness somehow seems to just happen. Gonzaga is a good example. No football just hoops. But who is everyone’s favorite underdog team? Gonzaga.

Then you’ve got your Duke, (sucks at football), your Memphis (sucks at football), and a host of others who can’t crack the Top 25 on the football scene. On the flip side there’s LSU with a couple of BCS National Championships in the nlast few years and well, they suck at basketball now. They’re a lomg way from Shaqville. What does it all mean? The NCAA Tournament is a great equalizer. Much more so than the BCS system which eliminates great teams on a routine basis and annually creates controversy. The Final Four is real. The BCS is hype.


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