Fear, in a Handful of Dust

by on April 29, 2008 updated April 29, 2008

 Here in Balad we have a lot to worry about. To take our minds off of it, we worry about other things.

What will happen to San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito if he can’t make a gazillion dollars a year?

Does Pat Riley, former Miami Heat coach, have enough oil in his hair to end the energy crisis and bring down prices at the pumps?

Did Roger Clemens, when he was with the Red Sox, have an affair with anyone we actually care about?

Could NASCAR driver Danica Patrick get any hotter? This is a big one with the troops, endlessly debated, mulled over, and discussed.

Can the Atlanta Hawks eliminate the Celtics and end the perpetual parade of success coming out of Beantown?

Does anyone really believe Miley Cyrus, at 15, would take “racy” pictures for Vanity Fair? Come on.

As the sandstorms blow into Baghdad and beyond we fight the dust, the fear, and the boredom by lapsing into temporary but meaningful periods of discussion about nothing at all.


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