Favre, Childress, and Vikings Tickets to Obscurity

by on October 29, 2010 updated October 29, 2010

 As the whole Brett Favre phenomena or ordeal depending on your point of view comes to an end, and I think it will soon, it strikes me that the best thing would have been for Favre just to retire. he had a great season to end it and stubbornly returned to the debacle that is now the Minnesota Vikings. It would take a miracle for the Vikings to be serious contenders in 2010, and with Favre now limping along and injuries and miscues haunting the Vikings, it isn’t likely to happen. More likely is that Brett Favre will be raked across the coals for behavior issues, Childress will be unemployed, and Vikings ticket holders will be watching a new regime next season. Better to have ridden off into the sunset like the aging gunslinger Favre has always been prtrayed as,


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