Falcons Tickets – Michael Vick Returns

by on September 18, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

 So Michael Vick returns to the Georgia Dome to take on the Atlanta Falcons. Much has been made of this visit, and the media have played up the event like the second coming of Marilyn Chambers. But I digress.

 So what should we expect? For me, this game is less about the return of Michael Vick that it is about two NFC teams with playoff aspirations. The Atlanta Falcons have been building momentum under Matt Ryan and if last season’s epic failure doesn’t grate their cheese then they don’t deserve to be in the NFL. Even more grating should be their performance against the Chicago Bears last week, a game that saw the Falcons pushed around, bullied, and beaten. A team that prides itself on running the ball got stomped by the Bears defense.

 So the Philadelphia Eagles bring in a ton of talent, sign Michael Vick to a big contract, get christened the Dream team, and now have to prove it. Dangerous ground here folks. It’s one thing to be quietly confident. It’s quite another to blow your horn into a microphone.

 The Philadelphia Eagles have put themselves in a win or suffer position. The Atlanta Falcons have to regain their swagger. That’s a lot easier to do in the Geaorgia Dome, where Atlanta has lost only four games in the last three years. The Eagles better come to play.

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