Falcons Make Pre-Draft Moves – And Other NFL Stuff

by on April 24, 2009 updated April 24, 2009

 The Atlanta Falcons made a surprise run to the playoffs last season. With all expectations that they would fold after the Michael Vick debacle, Atlanta rallied around Matt Ryan, a rookie quarterback with the intangible knack for making plays. Barring a sophomore slump, Falcons fans are hoping for even bigger things in the 2009 NFL season. The Atlanta braintrust has given Ryan a new weapon for the upcoming season, having traded a second round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for Pro Bowl Tight End Tony Gonzales.

 While Gonzales has been in the NFL for a decade, he shows little sign of wear and tear. Still a dangerous target, Ryan should reap benefits from having a dependable receiver around to work the short passing game. With running back Michael Turner and wide receiver Roddy White. Matt Ryan has enough weapons to keep opposing defenses on their toes.

 The Falcons join the list of teams that have made significant roster changes prior to this weekends draft, most notably the Chicago Bears move to sign Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler. It only makes sense. Why spend the money on an unproven rookie when you can get a proven commodity. Certainly you still need to be bringing in young talent and developing it, but spending the big bucks on a sure thing just makes sense.  


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