Even More NFL Tickets?

by on March 26, 2009 updated March 26, 2009

┬áLet’s face it. NFL exhibition games are a joke. Players held out, stars yanked after one series and….FULL Prices Charged. So the recent discussion of extending the NFL regular season to 17 or even 18 games is intiguing but does it make real sense. Is this an endurance contest (it is to a certain extent) or a competition to assemble the most talent and get the most out of it. In the long run I believe, the quality of NFL tickets would suffer if the NFL regular season was pushed to 18 games. Can we just shorten the exhibition season? I’ll concede one extra game but meaningless pre-season games need to be cut. Football is brutal, and enough is enough. The NFL has a winner so don’t screw it up.

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