Eric’s NFC Picks

by on August 24, 2007 updated July 4, 2014


NFL Football Tickets



Contemplating which NFL tickets you’ll be getting this year? If you have to pick and choose here’s my choices for the NFC. If any of these team are coming to your home stadium get your tickets now.

New Orleans Saints Tickets – From all indications in the pre-season this is going to be an absolute juggernaut of an offense. Drew Brees is a freakin’ machine and the depth at wide receiver is tremendous. Two of the top running backs in the league and an improved defense make the Saints a must see.

San Francisco 49ers Tickets – The 49ers are rising stars. Frank Gore is a pound it out running back. A beast. Alex Smith is coming into his own. The 49ers defense is improving. I know everyone loves the Seahawks in the NFC West but I think the game is over.

Chicago Bears Tickets – I’m recomending the Bears because of the defense. I also think it’s a good chance to see a team win in spite of it’s quarterback. Grossman is either very very good or very very bad. No in between. My friends in Chicago are being driven slowly insane. I call them on Monday mornings and find them sobbing incoherently.

Philadelphia Eagles Tickets – I think McNabb will shut everyone up. But truthfully this division is wide open. That being said, Romo isn’t a savior and neither is Wade Philips. T.O. isn’t done dismantling this team. Coughlin has lost all credibility in New York and will soon be seen wandering the streets of the Big Apple with a quizzical look on his face and a tin cup. Joe Gibbs should go back to NASCAR and let Dan Snyder blow more money on Bill Cowher. As long as Andy Reid keeps his kids out of the training room the Eagles will finish on top.

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