Eric’s AFC Picks

by on August 26, 2007 updated October 1, 2007

New England Patriots Tickets – Come on. Who else were you expecting? The Patriots moves in the off-season have made them even more formidable. The only more productive time off came from Tom Brady’s fertility clinic franchise.

Cincinnati Bengals Tickets – Everyone keeps picking the Ravens. But as the Bengals change their uniforms from Tiger stripes to prison stripes the intimidation factor comes into play. Seriously, I just think Cincinnati has too much potential to be long denied.

Indianapolis Colts Tickets – Another no brainer. The Colts will win the AFC South but not back to back Super Bowls. Sorry. Breaking News: Congress has just passed a bill limiting the number of Payton Manning commercial that can be aired during a single game. There’s rioting in Indy and rejoicing in the rest of the galaxy. Come on Payton, isn’t a gazillion dollars enough?

 Denver Broncos Tickets –  This pick may come as a surprise. San Diego is everyone’s darling. But after a careful analysis of the rosters, comparitive studies of the personnel matchups, endless computer scannings of the inherent physical traits of both players and facilities, and extensive psychiatric forensics, the answer is clear: Nobody named Norv can win in the NFL. Check it out. In the whole history of the NFL not one single person named Norv has ever won a Super Bowl. Eerie isn’t it?

DISCLAIMER: Eric reserves the rights to change his picks at any time and will probably do so after the final results are in.


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