Elton John Tickets

by on June 28, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

What happens when the king of excess plays the city of flash? You create Elton John tickets at Caesers Palace. Sooner or later every musician of long standing will find their way to Las Vegas it seems. For Elton John, performing in a city that prides itself on flashy entertainment, sparkling lights, and massive overdoses of glitz, it seems like a natural fit. Elton John has been performing in his characteristic over the top fashion for so many years now that he makes the other gigs in Vegas look like state fair acts from Podunk.

But consider the opportunity. Your Elton John tickets give you a chance to catch the master of fashion mayhem away from the huge arena, in a venue intimate enough to reflect the creative energy he’s embraced for so long. This may be your only opportunity to really SEE Elton John at his best. Mark the months of October and November on your calendar. Write Caesers Place on your refrigerator. Carve Elton John tickets on the tree in your front yard. Whatever it takes, remember to let Frontrow.com put you in the seats of Caesers Palace with Elton John tickets and blast off with The Rocket Man.

But don’t stop there. While you’re in Las Vegas you’ll want to cast off worries and enjoy every minute of everything this legendary city has to offer. Frontrow.com has tickets to Las Vegas shows of every act under the sun (and the neon) of Las Vegas. National Finals Rodeo tickets, Chrysler 400 tickets, Barry Manilow tickets, and of course Cirque de Soleil tickets. Eat your Wheaties. When you hit Las Vegas you’ll need every ounce of energy you can get to see it all.

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