Eagles vs Vikings Tickets – No Play in the Snow

by on December 27, 2010 updated December 27, 2010

OK, there might be some snow. But fans with Eagles tickets won’t have to wade through several feet of snow anyway. The NFL kind of got off the hard headed path this week and postponed the Eagles vs Vikings game till Tuesday night. It was probably a wise move, borne more of a concern for fans traveling rather than players discomfort. I think it’s a good move. Considering that the worst of the storm was anticipated to roll in during the game, you’d be faced with thousands of Eagles and Vikings fans piling out of stadium into deadly conditions.

In the past the NFL has been reluctant to re-schedule because of weather. In fact, they’ve gone on record as being in favor of a Super Bowl in a cold weather stadium. I wonder what they would do if the same conditions arose on Super Bowl Sunday? Something to think about.


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