Eagles Tickets on Fire

by on December 23, 2010 updated December 23, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles are on fire and Eagles tickets are blazing right along with them. But that’s what happens when you’ve got one of the most exciting NFL players ever to grace a field on your roster. When the Eagles dumped Donovan my guess is that few expected this kind of result. And if you want to start talking about destiny being on your side take a look at Philadelphia’s amazing comeback win against the New York Giants last week.

In a little under eight minutes the Eagles rallied for four touchdowns in the fourth quarter, winning the ball game on a punt return by DeSean Jackson as time expired. It’s the kind of game that tends to propel NFL teams into winning streaks and in this case it could push the Philadelphia Eagles into an NFC East Championship, a deep playoff run, and possibly a Super Bowl. Is this all part of some cosmic redemption scenario for Michael Vick? Eagles tickets holders certainly are thinking along those lines.


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