Eagles Playoff Tickets – Finishing Strong

by on December 28, 2009 updated December 28, 2009

 The Philadelphia Eagles have clinched a playoff spot with their win over the Denver Broncos. Winning the NFC east is the next logical step and the process is simple. Just beat the Dallas Cowboys in their home stadium. A few years ago, or even last season, that would have seemed very doable. But maybe not now.

 The Dallas Cowboys have come on strong the last two weks with wins over the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos. All Dallas needs is a win over the Eagles to win the NFC East. All the Eagles need over the Cowboys to clinch the NFC East. It’s the exact scenario the schedule makers envisioned when they plannned the season and something NFL fans have expected for years. Not it plays out on a national stage. Who’s the hottest team going into the playoff. eagles at Cowboys will tell.


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