Ducks and Tigers – Mascots Don’t Win

by on January 7, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

If this BCS National Championship was a fight between mascots it wouldn’t even be a contest. Tiger beat Ducks every time. But it isn’t a battle between mascots. It a tough college football game between the two best teams in college football.

Both teams come into this game after strong seasons. The Oregon Ducks went 12-0, cruising through most of the opposition like… well ducks on a pond. The Auburn Tigers meanwhile, had to come from behind in a majority of their games, some of them seemingly impossible feats.

The challenge for the Oregon Ducks is going to be getting ahead and staying ahead. Auburn appears to be a slow starter. The trick is going to knocking them down early and then continually kicking them to keep them down. For Auburn, staying close might do the trick. But if they fall behind, they’ll have to deal with LaMichael James, a power runner who won’t be easy to stop.

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