Don’t Tase Me, Bro II

by on May 4, 2010 updated May 4, 2010

 First of all you’ve got to be either an idiot or in the throes of some historically event induced mani to run out on the field in a pro sporting event. Which leads us to the question of whether we should be tasing obviously mentally deficient sports fans for indulging in the aforementioned act.

We live in a dangerous age. Police and security at MLB games have to be riding the razors edge every night. So when someone begins acting in an uncontrolled manner, they are forced to react and react quickly. Too bad for the young Philadelphia Phillies fan who got tased the other night as the Phillies played the St. Louis Cardinals. I feel sorry for the kid. Yes, after all the facts were in we could probably deem it unnexessary. But all the facts weren’t in. The kid learned a lesson. As did we all.  That being said, I was probably wrong to call him mentall deficient. I also did some pretty dumb things when I was 17. It goes with the territory.


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