Dolphins Tickets – Bush Seeks Spotlight

by on July 29, 2011 updated July 29, 2011

Miami Dolphins tickets have been full of surprises and packed with change in the last few season as the Dolphins seek to find an identity. It can get confusing for fans, trying to keep up with coaching changes and roster changes. Throw in the fact that the Miami Dolphins have to keep pace with the New York Jets and the New England Patriots and it’s easy to see why Dolphins ticket holders are anxious for any good change that comes their way.

Reggie Bush wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey should be one of those good changes. The New Orleans Saints went into 2011 with a packed house at running back and an uneasy feeling about Reggie Bush. While he has been a player to be feared in the NFL, he has not been a player that’s logged a lot of time. In the offense of the New Orleans Saints, one guy is going to have a hard time putting up Pro Bowl numbers. Reggie Bush has been a sporadic role player and injured way too often. The dollars didn’t work for the Saints.

The Miami Dolphins however, were looking for a running back that could create big plays. Reggie Bush was looking for an offense that could give him some playing time and allow him to answer the critics who claim his production has been less than one would expect from a USC Heismann Trophy winner. Dolphins tickets will deliver either a redemption for Reggie Bush or an indictment of the whole mass media and their high expectations. Reggie Bush was hailed as a savior when he was drafted by New Orleans. He did help win a Super Bowl, but it may be in Miami where he truly makes his ,mark and fulfills expectations.


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