Dodgers Tickets – Torre Redemption

by on October 15, 2009 updated October 15, 2009

 Joe Torre can rest easily now, his time in baseball and his reputation secure. It seems that some folks were pointing toward Torre as the reason for the New York Yankees having missed the playoffs and the World Series in the last decade. That opinion seemed validated now that the Yankees have returned to the postseason and seem well on their way to reaching the ultimate goal. But Joes Torre wasn’t the problem with the Yankees.

That proof lies in the resurrection of the LA Dodgers under Torre. And it may not last much longer. As the Dodgers head for a showdown with the Philadelphia Phillies, Torre is speaking of retirement after fulfilling the terms of his current contract. A World Series would top off a great career. But even if it doesn’t happen, breathing life into what was a moribund franchise has earned Joe the respect he always deserved. If only from me.


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