Dodgers Tickets – Magic Show

by on March 29, 2012 updated March 29, 2012

LA Dodgers tickets got some news and it’s a kind of Magic for the troubled franchise as it was announced that a group including Magic Johnson has bought into the Dodgers. Johnson and crew have parted with $2.5 billion to purchase the Dodgers team, Dodger Stadium, and here’s the odd part, only half of the parking lots surrounding the stadium. Which means that Frank McCourt is still tangled up in the web he created around one of baseball’s most storied teams.
That probably doesn’t sit well with Dodgers ticket holders as McCourt pretty much dealt a death blow to any playoff chances and dragged the team down with himself in the biggest divorce battle in the history of Major league Baseball. But all that will be forgotten if Magic Johnson can lend his name and personality to the whole setup.
Johnson is a well respected guy in the area, having won his share of NBA Championships and later becoming a savvy business presence in Los Angeles. It’s going to be a welcome change for Dodgers fans and on that’s been a long time coming. As the season gears up it’s nothing but good news for LA Dodgers tickets.

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