Dodgers Tickets – A New Broom

by on November 3, 2011 updated November 3, 2011

 Los Angeles Dodgers tickets have taken a beating. And maybe not so much because of a not exactly great performance as of late, maybe just because people are sick of seeing the whole messy divorce and fighting carry over to their team. It’s kind of hard to pay for Dodgers tickets knowing your money is going to pay the owners alimony rather than procure talent for the team.

 Hopefully after enough time passes the baseball fans in LA will once agin embrace their Dodgers tockets like they used to. The MLB needs to get this cornerstone franchise into good hands, good STABLE hands, give them enough freedom to make the right moves, and let the LA Dodgers regain some of the prominence they once held. For the last two years they’ve been a mockery of their past.

 A new broom sweeps clean, and the Dodgers need that new broom badly. Sweep away the stink of a bitter dovorce battle, improve security to sweep away the stench of the Bryan Stow tragedy, and sweep away the dissapointment of the last few seasons under a management scheme that put more importance on providing the owner with an ATM than winning baseball games.

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