Dodger(ing) the Bullet

by on November 4, 2009 updated November 4, 2009

The Headline Reads:

Dodgers Padilla Mistakenly Shot in Leg

 Ok, so right away I know this has to be one heck of a story. Probably not funny for baseball fans with Dodgers tickets, who are still recovering from losing a shot at the World Series, but still, the headline screams potential to me.

Before getting into it let’s derive all the possible meaning from this headline. Was he shot by mistake? Or, was he supposed to be shot, but somewhere else and they mistakenly shot him in the leg? Can’t tell from the headline. Obviously the LA Dodgers got shot in the Padilla. Extremely painful I’m told.

Now the story, to me, gets even better. It seems the Dodgers Vicente Padilla was in Nicaruaga and wanted to do some target shooting. So he gets with an instructor. While shooting, Padilla’s gun apparently jams. He hands it to the instructor who then proceed to SHOOT HIMSELF IN THE HAND while SHOOTING PADILLA in the leg with the same bullet. Reports that the shooting instructor was Pee Wee Herman have not been confirmed.


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