Detroit Lions Tickets – Pivotal Moments

by on October 25, 2011 updated October 25, 2011

Detroit Lions tickets are in one of those pivotal moments that can decide the direction of an NFL team. Think back and you’ll know what I mean. These are moments when a team either gathers itself up and pushes itself into the rare atmosphere of real winners, or pushes itself over the edge into the abyss.

Detroit Lions ticket holders have to be catching their breath. After an almost unbelievable 5-0 start, the Detroit Lions are now being hammered on the anvil of losses, two straight, against team they could have beaten. Has the magic been lost for good or will the Lions take these games to heart, profit from their mistakes, and begin another winning streak?

For one thing, the Detroit Lions have to figure out why they can’t stop the run. With a defensive line laden with talent, Detroit couldn’t shut down the San Francisco 49ers or the Atlanta Falcons running game. While Mathew Stafford has proven to be a dangerous man under center, his defense should be carrying this team. They may get a chance to correct that in their next game against the Denver Broncos, but if Tim Tebow runs wild, what then? It’s time for the Lions to buck up and make that push up rather than becoming a pushover.

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