Detroit Lions Tickets – The Latest and Greatest

by on October 2, 2011 updated October 2, 2011

Suddenly, the latest and greatest thing to come out of the Motor City is Detroit Lions tickets. I just spent the last three hours in a defac (dining facility) in Afghanistan watching the Detroit Lions pull off another remarkable comeback for the second time in two weeks. The Detroit Lions are now 4-0 for the first time in 30 years.

Of course the question will get thrown out there as to whether this is a great Detroit Lions comeback or an epic Tony Romo fold for the Dallas Cowboys. Romo was well on his way to a great game when things got ugly in the second half with three interceptions, two returned for touchdowns. My feeling is that Romo was pushing too hard and failed to manage a game. Of course it could be that Jason Garrett got a too cute and set him up for failure. But more to the point I believe the Detroit Lions defensive line pushed Romo into making bad decisions.

A beginning like this has been a long time coming for NFL fans with Detroit Lions tickets. Suddenly, everything is within their grasp. But before we get too excited let’s remember that there are 12 more games to be played in this NFL schedule and the Detroit Lions haven’t clinched anything yet. But they are well on their way and Ford Field and Detroit Lions tickets are suddenly a winning combination.

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