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by on December 15, 2011 updated December 15, 2011

Detroit Lions Playoff Tickets


The Detroit Lions are banking on the playoffs. But how will Lions Playoff tickets come to pass? Or will they come to pass? Obviously the Detroit Lions aren’t going to capture n NFC North title so we’re looking at grabbing a wild card spot here. Green Bay has the North, the 49ers the West. The New Orleans Saints are probable for the NFC South and the Giants are pretty fairly in the stable for the NFC East. That leaves Detroit Lions Playoff tickets hinging on the Lions beating out a crowd of contenders.

First of all Detroit is sitting at 8-5. The only other team with the same record is the Atlanta Falcons. Everyone else is trailing behind. So if the Lions can win out they’ll be set up for the playoff. But there’s a problem in that the Lions have to play the Green Bay Packers in the season finale. Unless the Packers forego an all out effort for a perfect season, Detroit finished at 10-6 at best. The Falcons, Chicago Bears, and Dallas Cowboys all have a shot at equalling that record, throwing us into a frenzy of tiebreaking mathematics I don’t feel like unscrambling. But I do feel confident that the Lions will be enjoying themselves in the postseason. Motor City, enjoy your Detroit Lions Playoff Tickets.

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