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by on November 18, 2011 updated November 18, 2011

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Denver Broncos Tickets are experiencing what I call “Tebow Time.” It’s kind of like a suspended animation thing or maybe a slow motion roll that leaves you wondering if this thing is really happening. Tim Tebow has done all the right things in his career and now the good things are happening to him. Call it Karma. Whatever it si it’s become painfully obvious that counting this kid pout is a mistake. Somehow the fans who but Denver Broncos tickets knew this before any of the so called experts in NFL football.

Last night against the New York Jets it happened again. Tebow and the Broncos were down and out, facing 95 yards of football field to avoid losing. Suddenly it’s ‘Tebow Time.” Having stood in the pocket all game, with only two runs from scrimmage, Tim Tebow explodes for 58 yards on seven carries, topping it off with a 20-yard touchdown run against a jets blitz. Final result 17-13 Denver Broncos.

Now the inevitable questions will begin as to whether this type of performance and this type of offense is sustainable in the NFL. My gut feeling is that Time Tebow will continue to develop as an NFL quarterback. He will probably never be a prototype but he will continue to be what all NFL teams are looking for: A Winner.

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