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by on November 23, 2011 updated July 29, 2015

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The Denver Broncos are putting all their eggs in the Tim Tebow basket. It’s kind of understandable that they would stick with Tebow for awhile, at least to see if this whole winning streak thing can keep going. After all, Tebow is 4-1 in five games tarted which is certainly better than what the Broncos were doing before the move. But letting Kyle Orton go on waivers is, I think, a dangerous gamble. Backing up Tebow is Brady Quinn, not a quarterback that can run the type of offense the Denver Broncos are using with Tim Tebow, but then is there another quarterback in the NFL that could run this offense?

And there’s the rub. Should Tim Tebow falter the Broncos will have to go back to a conventional style NFL offense. Is Brady Quinn the best guy on the roster to do that or would Kyle Orton have been a better choice? It seems to me that the Broncos have pushed all their chips on to Tebow and if it doesn’t work out they’ll have to simply live through the rest of the NFL season and regroup for 2012.

As for Orton, he should come out OK. Somewhere out there is an NFL team that will pick him up either to upgrade or back up. The Houston Texans are relying on Matt Leinart right now and he’s a decidedly uncertain prospect. Kansas City is down a starter with Matt Cassell’s hand injury and the Chicago Bears are starting an undrafted free agent because of injury. Orton will land somewhere and make himself some money. In my opinion he’s been the fall guy, but I can’t argue the Denver Broncos are better off with him than without him. It’s just a much bigger gamble.


Tebow is now with the Philadelphia eagles sooooo ….that didn’t work out.

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