Defending Michael Vick

by on April 29, 2009 updated April 29, 2009

 New storied coming across the wire have been full of the fact that Michael Vick is now being offered the chance to play football for $200 a week. No doubt Michael Vick, former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, has paid the ultimate price for his participation in the “sport” of dog fighting. My opinion? Vick, while certainly guilty of bad judgement and involvement in an abhorent practice, has mostly been the victim of a smear campaign that is grossly out of control. My example? Leonard Little:

 In 1998 Leonard Little of the St. Louis Rams was convicted of involuntary manslaughter by drunk driving. In this case Little killed an actual HUMAN BEING. Yet he continued his career in the NFl with very few repercussions. Michael Vick killed DOGS. As unpopular as this viewpoint may be, there is a huge difference between humans and animals. Animals are killed for our consumption every day, with numbers in the millions, and nobody says anything. Dog, chicken, pig, cow, these are animals and I can’t help but be astounded that nobody has pointed this out. All perspective has been lost. I am no fan of dog fighting but I am a fan of human life. There’s a double standard here. I wouldn’t claim to know what the proper punishment for either Michael Vick or Leonard Little should be but my gut instinct tells me that human life is more valuable and taking a human life should carry more punishment than taking the life of an animal. Call me stupid. It’s been done before.


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