Danica is Perfect

by on March 29, 2008 updated March 29, 2008

 The IRL Racing league is looking to take a something away rom auto racing fans. The perfection of Danica Patrick. The prettiest babe on the auto racing circuit is potentially going to be penalized for being slender. IRL is now ruling that minimum weights for an entry must include the driver. Since the racy wheelgirl is only 100 pounds or thereabouts, her vehicle will have to carry added weight. What’s next?

Will NBA players height be legislated by shortening their legs?

Will strong armed NFL quarterbacks have their arms broken to restrict movement?

Will high priced soccer players like Beckham be hamstrung?

Physical attributes will always play a role in athletics. God favors some and leaves others lacking. he did alright by Danica and that’s alright by me.


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