Dangerous Curves

by on May 15, 2008 updated May 15, 2008

 In sports, the next Super Hero is always just around the corner. For MLB fans, and Los Angeles Dodgers fans in particular, that next big thing could be a young man by the name of Clayton Kershaw. The 20 year old is in the minor leagues right now and tearing it up. In Spring Training, Kershaw threw 14 scoreless innings. Not bad. Enough to have the Dodgers considering bringing him up sooner rather than later. Eyewitnesses swear this kid has an ungodly curveball to go with 95+ mile an hour pitching. A dangerous curve.

 More dangerous curves can be found in NASCAR, where Danica Patrick recently went for a drive over another team’s crew member. If you have to have a NASCAR driver lay you out, Patrick is the one you want.


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