Dancin Dave & The White Stripes

by on August 8, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

In my last colunm about events in Atlanta I commited the unforgivable sin of not mentioning Dave’s favorite band: The White Stripes. Rumor has it Dave recently gathered his White Stripes tickets and attended a concert, only the 500th White Stripes concert of his life. Perhaps later Dave will grace us with a review of the concert. In the meantime you can catch The White Stripes in Austin, TX at Stubb’s Barbeque on Sept 16th. After that they head to the great state of California for dates in Chula Vista (Sept 18th), Inglewood (Sept. 19th), and Berkely (Sept. 21st). The schedule then brings The White Stripes across the country from Fargo to Chicago in October.

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