Dallas Cowboys Tickets – It’s the Romo Era (Really)

by on September 18, 2009 updated September 18, 2009

 Dallas Cowboys tickets have always been one of the top NFL tickets. But it’s been over a decade since the Dallas Cowboys have won a playoff game. yet, for the last three years they’be been considered Super Bowl material only to dissapoint the fan base and the rest of the NFL.

Now the Cowboys have jettisoned some big names and pinned their hopes on Tony Romo. Or have they? It’s certainly true that Romo has been one of the better quarterbacks in the league if it’s not playoff time. The dilemna is that quarterbacks are judges primarily on what they do come playoff time. Most people can’t tell you what Tony Romo has done in the regular season but they will relate in detail what happened in his last two playoff games.

 So is it really the Tony Romo era in Dallas? Only to the extent that Romo remains the only media darling. he’s a big one though and that hasn’t made his life any easier. With T.O. and PacMan out of the picture, Tony Romo is the biggest headline grabber in the Dallas football world. the reality in football terms is that though Romo is expected to produce, the Cowboys will be shifting much of the offensive burden to the running game, and lifting some of the burden off his shoulders. In that sense it is a new era in Dallas but whether it’s the Tony Romo era is still debatable.


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