Dallas Cowboys Tickets – Entertainment Value

by on October 7, 2008 updated October 11, 2008

 Well you can’t say Dallas Cowboys tickets aren’t delivering. The Cowboys have set themselves up as the team to beat in the NFC. And they’ve been beaten. dalls now faces somewhat of an uphill battle, fighting both injuries and….who’do thunk it, the shenanigans of Pacman Jones. Yes, that rascal has gone and gotten himself into a scuffle again, allegedly fighting with a bodyguard provided by the Cowboys to keep him OUT of the news. You gotta hand it to the guy, Pacman Jones is a guided missile aimed directly at Pacman Jones. I can’t argue with the decision to sign him. He’s got talent. At least Jones is signed to a contract that does very little damage to the Cowboys financially if he gets suspended again. The question is: Was it worth derailing Super Bowl aspirations to sign him as opposed to picking a less talented but more stable individual who knew how to conduct himself publicly?


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