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by on May 29, 2009 updated May 29, 2009

 Dallas Cowboys tickets usher in a new age of Cowboys football in 2009 with theopening of Cowboys Stadium. This is one heck of a structure you’re looking at here folks. Just as the new York Yankees have kicked off a new Golden Age with a new Yankees Stadium, the Cowboys are looking for big things from their new home.

 For one thing they’l be trying to fill it up. Sold out Callas Cowboys tickets may be the norm for awhile. Football fans, whether Dallas lovers or haters, will be trying to get a look at the Cowboys new home base. It is big. 80,000 seats available on a regular basis and a design that allows that number to be pushed up to 100,000 if necessary. What does a billion dollars buy in 2009? Try a retractable roof naturally, a video screen in the center, not the ends, and glass end zone doors that can be opened or closed. Flexible, Cowboys Stadium already has a full schedule, with a Super Bowl on the way in 2011, a Final Four already booked, and an NBA All Star game locked down.


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