Dallas Cowboys Tickets – 5 Good Things

by on September 1, 2014 updated September 1, 2014

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Romo, Witten, Bryant, and Murray Make the Cowboys in 2014


cowboysDallas Cowboys tickets are always big sellers among NFL tickets. The Cowboys ooze a certain mystique, am aura that most other NFL teams can’t manage. Some of it comes from past glory, plenty of it from marketing. But there’s no middle ground. Either you but Cowboys tickets because you’re a lifelong fan or you buy Cowboys tickets so you can watch your favorite team beat the crap out of them in the best stadium in the NFL.

There are some good things about the Dallas Cowboys though, that any NFL fan can appreciate if they’re honest with themselves.

┬áTony Romo – Probably not the best start but Romo offers the Cowboys the best chance of winning. Yes, he has the reputation of a choker but when you’re playing behind some of the defenses Romo has been saddled with, you have to take chances.

┬áJason Witten – A very good Tight End, and at 32 he continues to excel. Dallas has drafted a replacement but Witten will keep him off the field as he maintains his status as the go-to guy for Romo.

Dez Bryant – One of the more exciting receivers in the NFL, Bryant has become everything the Cowboys hoped for when they drafted him. Get him some reliable help and he’ll be even more explosive.

DeMarco Murray – The consistent and productive running back every NFL team would like to have. Turned in a Pro Bowl season in 2013 and is a crucial element in the Dallas offense.

Terrence Williams – A rising star you can expect to see more of in 2014. Williams provides a complement to Bryant and has the chance to be a star in his own right.

The above list highlights the essence of the 2014 Dallas Cowboys. Your tickets will get you plenty of scoring but precious little defense from the Cowboys side of the line. Then again, the New Orleans Saints went from worst defense in the history of the NFL to a Top 5 ranking in a single season with essentially the same unit by changing Defensive Coordinators to…..Rob Ryan, ex-Cowboys DC. Go figure.

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