Dallas Cowboys Playoff Tickets – December Doldrums No More

by on December 28, 2009 updated December 28, 2009

 Over the last few years Dallas Cowboys tickets have gone through the December doldrums. Not in the 2009 NFL season though. It looks like Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have gotten over that. After losing the first two games of December 2009 the Dallas Cowboys have roared to a victory over the formerly unbeaten New Orleans Saints and then stomped the Washington Redskins in a shutout. It’s just the kind of performance needed at the end of the year.

 Now the Cowboys will have to face the Philadelphia Eagles to claim the NFC East crown. It’s a simple scenario. Win and you’re the champ. With a two-game winning streak the Dallas Cowboys now seem more like a playoff contender than they did a month ago. But the Eagles have been bolstered by the play of McNabb and the return of Brian Westbrook. They’re playoff ready, playing the best football they have all season. It’s a typical NFC East scenario and the Dallas Cowboys can put paid to a lot of distracting talk by coming out on top againts the Eagles.


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