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 Greg Hardy Battles, Tony Romo Prattles



The Dallas Cowboys have a good shot at making the playoffs in the 2015 NFL season. This is a team loaded with talent on the offensive side of the ball, especially in the offensive line, what may be the best line in the nFL if 2014 is any indication. The Cowboys can pound the ball whether it’s DeMarco Murray back there or anyone of better than average talent. They also have Tony Romo, who seems to have broken through some kind of barrier, and if nothing else has proven he’s as tough as they come.




So the Cowboys look to shore up a defense that left a little something to be desired and take Greg Hardy off the free agent market despite his problems with the law. And now it’s bitten them in the buttocks as Hardy gets slapped with a 10-game suspension. OK, you can deal with that? He’ll be back with fresh legs and well rested for those crucial last six games or so of the season? Ok, that is if his teammates let him. Reports are out today that Hardy got off on the wrong foot with Davon Coleman at practice and had to be separated. Not a good first day at work.

Meanwhile, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo thinks everything rosy, telling the crowd at the Dream Ball Gala “We’re going to win a Super Bowl next year.” He may be right but right now you have to wonder if the Dallas Cowboys are all on the same page. Not time to panic but bringing in Greg Hardy may not have been the best use of money and may not have been the best thing for locker room togetherness. It’s going to be another interesting year for the Dallas Cowboys.


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