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The Dallas Cowboys are in a slump and need to beak out. Annually considered contenders for the Super Bowl by an adoring media, Dallas hasn’t lived up to expectations for over a decade and patience is wearing thin. It especially grates on the nerves of Cowboys ticket holders that they’ve had to watch the New York Giants win a pair of Super Bowls.  Jerry Jones knows this and the most involved owner in the NFL has taken some steps to boost his team’s chances in 2012.

If you doubt the toughness of Tony Romo you’re a fool. If you doubt his ability to lead the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl you’ve got plenty of company. But Romo has the faith of the Cowboys coaching staff and isn’t going anywhere. Dallas picked up Kyle Orton to have veteran backup help but Romo is the man in Dallas. The plus side of the offense includes a swiftly developing DeMarco Murray who left no doubt that he can be a #1 back. Luck needs to play some role here also. Dallas got hit by the injury bug in 2011 with Dez Bryant and Miles Austin missing time. They stay healthy and the Cowboys offense can roll.

Defensively the Cowboys are pretty average up front with Jay Ratliff anchoring the line. Behind that though they’ve got a star in Seal Lee at inside linebacker, and took a chance on new faces on the outside with Dan Connor and Bruce Carter. The secondary should immediately improve with the drafting of Morris Claiborne out of LSU, the top cornerback prospect on the board and free agent Brandon Carr.

Here’s the bottom line. Jerry Jones has made some moves and feels like he’s got his team in good shape to contend. But the Dallas Cowboys still have to play in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. The Philadelphis Eagles are full of talent and paper and it’s a good bet that Andy Reid will get them together. The New York Giants are the reigning Super Bowl Champions and can’t be counted out. The Washington Redskins now have what looks to a dynamic quarterback, a key element they’ve been missing. At a time when Jones has made big moves he’s faced with the most daunting challenges of the past 10 years within his own division. Who has the upper hand will be answered on the field.

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