Cutler Trade a Done Deal, and a Good One (for whom)

by on April 3, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 The Broncos have handed off disgruntled QB Jay Cutler to Chicago. That should light a fire under Bears tickets. This is a franchise that has been desperately looking for a performer since the yoyo days of Rex Grossman. But it’s gonna cost them. The Bears have given up two 1st round picks and their former starter Kyle Orton.

 Broncos ticket holders have reason to be happy also. The pick in this draft gives them chance to draft a possible future franchise QB, while still getting some play from an at least average passer. With a new head coach and a cupbard full of picks, the new era starts off well.

Overall it looks like a good trade for both teams. Time will tell how well Cutler performs in Chicago and Orton in Denver. The draft picks will also have to play out over time but on the face of it both teams may have scored where they needed it most.

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