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by on March 2, 2011 updated March 2, 2011

It’s like a prizefight kind of, in a way I guess. Or maybe we should think of it as a sort of bonus for sports fans, these Chicago Cubs battling it out amongst themselves. At least the Chicago Cubs have some fight in them this year.

A bad day at the office for both Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirex resulted in an in the dugout physical confrontation after the first inning of a Cubs vs Brewers game. It was not what you would call a great outing for the duo as Silva handed out a pair of home runs and Ramirez didn’t help, commiting one of three errors in the inning for the Chicago Cubs. yes, spring was in the air and these young mens’ thoughts turned to beating hell out of each other.

Just another day in spring training my friends. The Chicago Cubs will need every bit of that fighting spirit as the MLB season gets underway. let’s hope they can channel it into beating the opposing team rather than themselves.


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