Cubs Tickets – Who Cares if They Win?

by on May 28, 2011 updated June 4, 2011

Chicago Cubs tickets are one of the best tickets in baseball. I recently passed through Chicago on my way to do some business in Illinois. I don’t often get the chance to take a break and spend time in an area when I’m working. The military kind of frowns on paying for a guy to watch MLB games, even if he’s on his own time. They’re paying for hotels and meals and transportation. They want you in and out.

But on this trip some delays allowed me a free day and it just so happened that Chicago Cubs tickets fell in my lap. It was just impossible to pass up a day in Wrigley Field, where I’ve never been, but where I’ve always wanted to go. Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs are just one of those combinations that are the essence of baseball. And this is despite the fact that the Cubs haven’t achieved major success or punched out World series tickets in many many decades.

But to the Cubs faithful, it doesn’t matter. the Cubs are as much loved by folks in the Windy City as the Yankees are in New York. That fact is evident when you realize that despite their poor showing over the last 100 years, Cubs tickets are consistently among the top MLB tickets in the country in terms of attendance. I found out why when I sat in Wrigley Field. This is a place that is so steeped in baseball history that is actually palpable when you’re there. If you haven’t seen the Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field, get Cubs tickets and check it out.


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