Cowboys Tickets – The Future is Bright

by on November 25, 2010 updated November 25, 2010

OK, so Dallas Cowboys tickets may have started out the 2010 NFL season on a real high before slumping to the lowest of lows. And the Dallas Cowboys may be all but eliminated from the NFl playoffs. And Cowboys ticket holders may not get to be the first NFL ticket holders to watch a Super Bowl in their home stadium.

BUT, after just having watched the Dallas Cowboys take the new Orleans Saints to the limit on Thanksgiving Day, I’m convinced that in the future Cowboys tickets will once again assume their traditional spot of being one of the best NFL tickets around.

Since taking over from Wade Philips, new coach Jason Garret has the Cowboys playing real football. Down 17-0 to the Saints, Garrett’s Cowboys rallied to take a late game lead over New Orleans with stout defense and an opportunistic offense. yes, a Williams fumble, or rather a remarkable strip by New Orleans’ Malcolm Jenkins, gave the Saints enough opportunity toi pull out the win. But Dallas is playing tough football now and it seems as if Garrett is a motivator, someone who can milk the best out of his team. That bodes well for the future of dallas Cowboys tickets.


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