Cowboys and Redskins For All the Marbles

by on December 29, 2012 updated December 29, 2012

Any matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington redskins is going to be a good one. Some call this the best rivalry in the NFL. I won’t go that far but it’s a great one. The upcoming game this weekend in Washington has just a little more oomph though, because the winner of this baby is going to take the NFC East.


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For the Dallas Cowboys this is a chance to prove themselves. While Dallas has been a pretty good team for a number of years it’s been eons since the won a Super Bowl. Hell, it’s been eons since the had a shot at anything close to a Super Bowl. The fact is the Cowboys have been labeled as chokers under Tony Romo and it’s a hard thing to dispute if you look at history. heading into Washington the Cowboys are at a decided disadvantage on the defensive side of the ball. With almost half their starters out with injury the Dallas defense has been giving up tons of yards. Their loss to the Saints may also have taken some of the wind out of their sails.

The Redskins on the other hand have little to lose. They weren’t even supposed to be here. The addition of Robert Griffin III has been a boost even more surprising than even the most optimistic Redskins fans could have imagined. Now he gets a chance to attack a Cowboys defense that’s been weakened and beaten by almost every decent quarterback and offense they’ve faced. This Redskins vs Cowboys game isn’t a gimme for Washington but it’s hard to see them not winning.

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