Cowboys Playoff Tickets – Riding the Wave

by on November 29, 2011 updated November 29, 2011

Dallas Cowboys Playoff Tickets

Yes, it looks to me like NFL fans are going to be getting the chance to buy Cowboys playoff tickets. I wasn’t too sure on that early in the season but the way I’m seeing it now, the Dallas Cowboys have a better than even shot at reaching the NFL playoffs as the NFC East Champions. Here’s how I’m seeing things in this race.

Early on, it appeared that the New York Giants, and not the Dallas Cowboys, were going to be the prime contenders in the division. By Week 8 the Dallas Cowboys were 3-4 and looked doomed because the Giants were somehow finding ways to win despite offensive line problems and injuries. But the last month has turned the NFC East on it’s head.

Now the Dallas Cowboys are riding a four game winning streak on the basis of beating teams they should beat. That’s kind of faint praise I know but let’s face it, a winning streak on the backs of the Seahawks, Bills, Redskins, and Dolphins isn’t the stuff of which legends are made. But it will do, especially if you throw in the fact that the Giants have now lost three in a row and are struggling badly.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t a shoo in, but they have a schedule that lends itself to breeding Cowboys Playoff tickets. Arizona shouldn’t be a problem and Tampa Bay isn’t playing well at all. That leaves a home game with the Philadelphia Eagles, who are in shambles, and a home and away series with the previously described New York Giants. It’s not inconceivable for the Dallas Cowboys to run the table here. So, get ready, your Dallas Cowboys Playoff Tickets are coming.

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