Cowboys Falter Against Pack

by on December 17, 2013 updated December 17, 2013

 If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan you got thrown farther than a rodeo rider from a loco weed crazed bucking bronc on this one. OK, that was a little over the top but you know what I mean. How do the Dallas Cowboys blow a 23-point lead in the second half?


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The most obvious answer is that somehow a large attack of incompetence afflicted the coaching staff. Anyone watching this game early on had to see that the Green Bay Packers were having all kinds of trouble stopping Demarco Murray. By the time the gun sounded on the first half, Murray had 93 yards on only 11 carries. Most NFL head coached would come out and keep pounding the ball in the second half. Hey, it’s working like a charm. Why would you get away from fundamental football that’s gaining yards and eating clock?

 But that’s exactly what the Dallas Cowboys decided to do. Rather than feed Murray they decided to air it out with Romo. The coaching staff isn’t doing the embattled Tony Romo any favors. Once again the guy who can’t get it done in December threw a pair of interceptions that eventually gave the Packers a 37-36 win in the most disheartening Cowboys performance of the season.

 Make no mistake. Heads will roll after this one. If you can’t see a big change coming in Dallas then you’re just not looking. Jerry Jones needs to find a quality coach and GM and then leave them alone to do what they know how to do. Because the Dallas Cowboys just aren’t working.

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