Come on Already, NFL

by on June 29, 2011 updated June 29, 2011

For God’s sake, how hard can it be to split $9 billion dollars and not come away feeling pretty good about your deal. Now I’m not stupid enough to believe that the NFL players and NFL owners are thinking about the fans and the good of the game of football. I’m also not stupid enough to think that people don’t get greedy. Nor do I believe that neither side isn’t capable of shooting themselves in the foot to save face.

But the recent display of forward movement in ending the NFL lockout may be just a hopeful interlude. remember, these NFL negotiations aren’t just between owners and current players. Somehow or another the bargaining power of retired players comes into the scene and these guys may not be bought off so easily.

Retired players in the NFL are living the post-game life and are faced with the end of the glory, the drop in income, and the onset of physical problems from their football days. They aren’t young and invincible like the players on a current NFL roster. Those young boys can’t see the future. the retired players are living it. That means they won’t be easily swayed and they’ll be harder to convince that a deal is formed in their own best interest. They have little to lose by playing hardball.

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