Concert Tickets for Closing Out 2008

by on August 4, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

2008 Concert Tickets 


The Eagles Tickets you shouldn’t pass up. I saw them many years ago shortly after Hotel California was released. Despite the tensions in the band, they are tight and right with the music. Tons of classic hits sprinkled with new music makes The Eagles tickets tops on my list.

New Kids on the Block Tickets – For a scary look at what you once loved and your parents endured, or a scarier look at what your parents once loved, get New Kids on the Block tickets. Oh, for the good old days when life was simple and millionaire kids danced in rythm.

 The Who Tickets – Saw these guys in their prime. Hoping to catch them again on R & R. But my dreams they are as empty as my conscience seems to be.

Jonas Brothers Tickets – Revealed here by the insistence of my daughter, who will perceive me as feeble and old if I don’t include them.

Madonna Tickets – I still remember the days when she was “Like A Virgin”. But middle age has done very well by Madonna, who finishes Eaurope and caps it off by deflowering the East Coast and Canada.

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