Concert Tickets a Bargain in 2011

by on December 27, 2010 updated August 8, 2015

Concert tickets may be getting less expensive in 2011 according to a recent article on the AP wire. That’s good news for music fans who’ve been hit hard by the downturn in the economy. Getting concert tickets cheap would be a nice way of easing the pain in your pocket book.

The whole concert ticket price structure now reflects the impact of hard time on the concert market. Remember, this is just like any other market, when demand goes down prices go down. It’s also important to look at the whole picture. Less money means fewer jobs for everyone and that includes musicians, stage hands, roadies, etc.

Concert tickets may not get a lot lower for high end high demand concerts though. Most top name performers refuse to lessen the quality of their show. Neil Diamond expressed this opinion found here in an interview with AP:

“As the shows get bigger, the expenses get bigger, so it’s got to be translated somehow to the ticket price. If I just used the guitar it’d be a lot simpler, but then I’d have to put 50 people out of work.”

So in the interest of keeping quality performances and also keeping working musicians working, you’ll get some break in concert ticket prices, especially in those medium market bands. The big acts like Taylor Swift, U2, and Madonna will still be able to draw buyers as always,  but remember, you can always get the best prices on sold out concert tickets from your friends at

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