Colts Tickets – Still Perfect But?

by on December 13, 2009 updated December 13, 2009

 The Indianapolis Colts have been pretty much a model franchise for the last few years. Racking up consecutive double-digit winning seasons, playing deep into the playoffs. But with only one Super Bowl to their credit, Peyton Manning needs to get on his own streak here. The Colts are now at 13-0, still perfect in 2009, and yet Colts ticket holders are still withholding their praise, seemingly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

 It just goes to show you that only a Super Bowl satisfies NFL fans. Win all you want in the regular season but drop the big one and your season is down the tubes, just an exercise in frustration. The Indianapolis Colts have now one more consecutive regular season games that any team in history. With wins in their three remaining games against the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills, the Colts can complete a perfect season. But it will all be naught unless they reach and prevail in the Super Bowl in Miami.


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